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What's in a name

“Why is your company called Chess Parachute IT?” is a question we’re asked frequently.

The answer has nothing to with adrenaline sports, nor is it an oblique reference to our expertise in cloud computing.

The name Chess Parachute IT emerged from lengthy discussions about the type of business we want to be and how we want our clients to think of us. IT is central to the productivity and profitability of all our clients and therefore, indispensable. It’s not however, their core business or the primary skill set of their employees.

So, to take care of their day to day IT needs, overcome the occasional difficulty or in extreme cases, recover from a disaster, these organisations really benefit when a trained, empathetic engineer parachutes in.

The name is also consistent with our commitment to taking a complete overview of a situation before giving grounded advice.

We’re surprised nobody else thought of it.

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